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General Surgery involves many aspects of Medicine.  Surgeons typically treat many areas of the body.  We commonly do hernia repairs, gallbladder removals, appendicitis, bowel surgery, breast surgery, and trauma evaluations.  Some of these conditions are severe enough to have you present to the emergency department and get admitted to the hospital.  If that happens you are seen usually while still in the emergency room and treated appropriately from there – surgery, admission, or discharge with follow up.  Some patients are referred from their primary care provider or call themselves with other conditions. 

Your first visit is an extensive review of your medical history, including medications and conditions that could increase treatment risks.  Then a discussion of treatments that are available including risks and possible complications.  Once these discussions are completed, you and the Doctor can then decide what would be the best options for your condition(s). 

Some treatments are completed in the office such as excision of skin lesions, cysts, lipomas, and most vein treatments.  Some treatments are completed in the operating room at the hospital such as more invasive surgeries like gallbladder removal, hernia repairs, and bowel surgery. 

Trauma patients are a unique kind of patient.  Their injuries are from accidents.  They may or may not require surgery.   Extensive injuries are commonly transferred to larger hospitals where they do those type of treatments more often.  This gives the trauma patient the best chance at recovering with less risks of complications. 

After treatments are completed, there are follow up appointments.  Part of surgical care is making sure that you recover completely from the issues and from the treatments.  If all goes well, we usually have at least 2 follow ups, at about 10 days and at about 6 weeks.  If there are issues, we see you as often as is necessary – sometimes daily.  Most surgeries have a follow up period with them.  Major surgeries are 90 days, so if you are seen during that initial 90 days following surgery, there is no charge for the visit as you are in the follow up time frame.  Minor surgeries may have a 10 day or some have 0 day follow up time frames.   Part of surgery is making sure that you (the patient) recover completely from the issue and the treatment. 

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